Saving Your Sight

This is our current window display. The message is simple: an eye test can save your sight, even if you have no symptoms of visual loss.

In the past month of the current campaign, many people have responded to this message, and we have been pleased to reassure most of them of their excellent eye health. But for two people, also with no symptoms, this was the day they learned they had glaucoma. No doubt this was NOT considered good news, and yet it WAS. Because this was also the day that we were able to deflect them away from gradual, painless, devastating, permanent visual loss, or even complete blindness.

Treatment for glaucoma is usually very effective, especially if initiated early in the disease process, and you do NOT need to have a family history of glaucoma to develop it. No-one wants to be blind. Make a thorough eye examination a priority, at least every two years. You may not know what you are missing!