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Ocean Eyes Optometrists – Ocean Grove’s Eyewear and Eyecare Experts

Ocean Eyes Optometrists is an independent practice committed to delivering the highest standard of eye care and eyewear. Clinical excellence, honest advice, quality products and outstanding customer service are the cornerstones of our business. As independent optometrists, we have the flexibility to allow you the time required for a thorough eye health and vision assessment.

Extensive range of quality eyewear

If you do need glasses, our selection of products is handpicked to ensure the highest quality. With a carefully curated boutique selection, we are proud to provide eyewear as unique and individual as you. We offer a wide selection of frames tailored to suit every price point, in classic and current styles. Our team of optometrists and professionally trained optical assistants work closely to ensure your glasses look great, fit well, cater to your lifestyle and deliver optimal visual performance. Together, we provide the highest levels of care to ensure you Love Your Glasses!

The highest standard of eye care

Whether you need glasses or contact lenses, or just want to make sure your eyes are healthy, make an appointment for an eye test and allow us to exceed your expectations!

Many people don’t realise that eye disease can sneak up without actually affecting vision until the condition is advanced. We recommend that everyone have regular eye health checks even if they have no symptoms. Our optometrists’ clinical skills and our state of the art diagnostic equipment allows you to have confidence that your eyes are healthy now and in the future even when you don’t need glasses.

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