Are you comparing apples with apples?   Why do lenses vary in price when they all look the same? Lenses today are highly technical products that in some cases will require a greater investment than your frames. As many of the possible benefits are not visible at a glance, comparing like for like can be difficult. Modern spectacle lenses are available with many optional features including

  • Thinner, lighter and flatter materials
  • Antireflection coatings to improve lens appearance and enhance comfort and clarity for night driving and use of digital devices
  • Photochromatic “Transitions” lenses that adjust automatically to reduce glare outdoors
  • Digital surface technology in multifocal lenses to provide wider clear vision zones and reduce peripheral distortions
  • Polarized sunglass tints, UV protective coatings and an unlimited range of fashion tints to suit YOUR eyes and YOUR style

Lens design options include

  • Single focus lenses, which have one power throughout the whole lens
  • Extended focus lenses, which have a slightly lower power in the upper portion of the lens. These can provide a greater range of clear vision, and are often useful for children and dedicated computer users
  • Bifocal lenses, which have separate portions for near and distance tasks
  • Multifocal lenses, which offer a convenient, attractive and versatile option for those requiring a different prescription for near and distance tasks.

With the results of your comprehensive (360 degree) eye examination at hand, and knowledge of your individual work and lifestyle requirements, we can advise and demonstrate which of these options will benefit you. In every case, at Ocean Eyes we choose the best quality products available to deliver your particular requirements with a two -year manufacturer’s warranty on all our lenses.

Depending on your requirements, prescription sunglasses, swimming goggles, sports glasses and certified safety glasses may also be part of your customized vision solution. (Would these enhance YOUR life?)



The ideal frame is light, easy to adjust, difficult to break, and beautiful to wear. It should be resistant to fading, chipping and stretching, but must be flexible enough to have lenses inserted and removed. It must then hold the lenses securely. It should be hypoallergenic, and resistant to corrosion by skin oils and makeup. Ideally, it will have no sharp edges that can catch in your hair or potentially cause injury. It needs to be washable but resistant to damage by detergents and chemicals. And it needs to be available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, and covered by a fair manufacturer’s warranty, preferably two years.

You may not have thought about any of this, but these are the quality features we first look for when we handpick our frames. All frames are NOT the same, and cheaper frames will not have all, or perhaps any, of these attributes.  At Ocean Eyes, we recognize quality, and recommend you choose the best you can afford, so you too will Love Your Glasses!

And Fashion…

We all want to look good! But with so many styles to choose from, it can be confusing.   Our experienced staff can make a potentially daunting task easy, by presenting you with a selection of frames that will fit perfectly and enhance your individual features, colouring and style. As independent optometrists, we source frames from a wide variety of suppliers, so your individuality can shine, and you can be confident in your choice. Whether a simple, fresh design in a bold colour, or a designer frame with gorgeous, intricate detail, we have something you will love in a wide range of price points. We love helping you to find the perfect look for you!