Children’s Vision Assessment


We can perform a very thorough vision examination on most four year old children, and knowledge of the alphabet is NOT a pre-requisite for this. It is recommended that all children have an eye examination at this age, prior to starting school. It is vital that a child’s vision is sufficient to allow optimal learning.

When testing younger children, our goals are to determine if the eyes are healthy, working together (straight) with equal vision in each eye, and at a level which is appropriate for their stage of development. If this is found not to be the case, prompt intervention is vital.

In young children, we primarily use objective testing methods; this means that the child does not have to say or do anything, except perhaps look at an interesting and changing target. We can then assess eye health, focussing errors, vision and any tendency to strabismus (turned eye) with a high degree of accuracy, even while the child is sitting on your lap. (Sometimes we may use eye drops to facilitate this.) So even if your child is under four years of age, if you feel there may be a problem, it is best to bring them in for assessment quickly. We understand that children have a limited attention span, and we make the eye testing procedures fun and engaging, while working efficiently to gather all the necessary information.

Many eye conditions respond best to early intervention, and we can monitor improvements locally here in Ocean Grove without the need for repeated trips to the city. Should your child require glasses, we stock a wide range of robust child-friendly frames which look appealing and cool! And we are always close by, and happy to help, when you require frame adjustments and repairs.

When making an appointment for your pre-school child, please give some thought to the time of the appointment. Ideally, it is best to avoid a time of day when your child is likely to be tired, hungry or missing their favourite TV show! We aim to provide a positive and fun experience for all.