Eye Examination


Our passion is determining the best visual solution for each individual patient, be it glasses, contact lenses, ergonomic solutions or refractive surgery referral. We understand the relationship between general and ocular health, and embrace the latest technologies to assist in early detection of ocular pathology. All of our optometrists are experienced in the diagnosis of glaucoma, cataracts, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, as well as the management of the various functional disorders of vision, such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism, which can occur in healthy eyes.

A general eye examination begins with the optometrist listening to your concerns, and asking questions to clarify issues, as well as obtaining pertinent information about your health, lifestyle, family history of ocular diseases, and your own ocular history.

We record your current level of vision, and use lenses to test whether this can be improved with glasses.   We examine and discuss your optical requirements for both distance and near vision tasks. We examine the front structures of the eye with the slit lamp biomicroscope, and the back of the eye with various types of ophthalmoscopes, and if appropriate, with digital retinal photography. We conduct additional tests to ensure that the two eyes are working together comfortably, measuring and recording our findings. We measure intraocular pressure, an important screening tool for glaucoma, and where indicated, conduct additional tests for colour vision, stereoacuity, tear function, corneal thickness and macula function.

With the benefit of all this clinical information, we then make recommendations as to the best course of action for you, outlining the benefits and limitations of various options, and involving you in the discussion. After all, they are your eyes, and our goal is to ensure that YOU are happy with your vision in the visual tasks that are pertinent to YOU. In other words, we offer a tailor- made solution for your needs. No wonder we love our work! And you will enjoy your eye examination.