Specialty Services


Diabetic Eye Examination

Eye assessment for people with diabetes. We will thoroughly examine the retina for signs of diabetic eye disease. This may involve the use of eye drops to enlarge the pupil. Retinal photography is particularly useful for this condition, to monitor and detect change in the tiny capillaries in the retina. We will communicate our findings to your GP, and encourage you in your quest for optimum blood glucose control. We can organize appropriate, prompt referral to a retinal specialist if this is indicated. Our goal is the preservation of your sight.

Glaucoma Management

All of our optometrists are skilled in the diagnosis of the various types of glaucoma. Our optometrists are also qualified to treat those forms of glaucoma which are amenable to topical drug therapy in the form of eye drops. Where surgical or laser intervention is required, or where it is your preference, you will be referred to an ophthalmologist for such treatment.